Smoked & Uncut Festival at THE PIG

THE PIG, Brockenhurst.


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Beaulieu Road
SO42 7QL


In 2019 Smoked & Uncut introduced PlayPass Wristband Payments where you load money onto your RFID Wristbands (Radio Frequency Identification. if you were wondering!) and use it to pay for your food and drinks. We are back for round 2 after a successful first year with PlayPass!

Why do we use Wristband Payments?

SAFER - for everyone, including you! Using Wristband Payments eliminates the risk of losing or having money stolen.
FASTER - your drinks will be poured and tummy will get filled much more quickly when we simply tap your band at the bars and food stalls.
EASIER - this means for our staff and traders we avoid using floats, avoid any risk of missing money and it means our team can concentrate more on pouring drinks and serving snacks than counting coins or drinks tokens!

Once you have purchased your ticket we will be in touch via email in spring 2020 with instructions on how to set up your Personal Account.

Smoked & Uncut are excited to be a part of the PlayPass Wristband Payment System and we are confident it will make your life easier and deliver tons more festi-fun!

To find out more about Wristband Payments at Smoked & Uncut 2020 please visit